Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Casual look fashion must haves! (First post!!)

My top 5 wardrobe essentials!

Plain black leggings, they are a wardrobe essential, they go with pretty much anything and they are so cute and casual. I would pair them with: a baggy top, baggy sweater, a shirt with a collar or a cropped top.

A skater skirt, they are a big trend at the moment and they are so cute! You can pair it with a simple t-shirt to make the outfit more girly and fashionable. I would pair it with: a loose/baggy t-shirt, a tight crop top, a baggy crop top or a shirt with a collar. But they would pretty much go with anything!


A muscle tee, in my opinion I love these style of tops, i wear them all the time haha! They are fashionable and casual also there is so many designs to choose from, I love the ones with crosses on! They sell them at so many shops at the moment. I would pair it with: plain leggings, patterned leggings, jeggings, disco pants, skinny jeans, skater skirt and denim shorts. Also you can style them in so many different ways!

Crop tops! I love crop tops at the moment, they are so fashionable and a massive trend at the moment. I love the patterned crop tops paired with plain leggings or a plain skater skirt. I would pair them with: leggings, high waisted skinny jeans, high waisted disco pants, high waisted denim shorts, a skater skirt or jeggings. They go with pretty much anything depending on whether they are patterned or not.

A hoodie! A hoodie is so casual, to keep warm on a cold day. They are soo comfy so they are good to just chill in at home! In winter I live in hoodies and sweaters, I couldn't live with out them haha!

Thanks for reading, this is my very first blog post, so I don't know if it was good or not, but please leave comments telling me what to write about next.. thanks, Hanna x

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